Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mid-December Life

This week has been weird. Finals, writing 2 grants, and being called to speak in church have made this week very stressful. But things have been good overall. Today I was able to go shooting with some friends and then The Family, Hannah, and I went over to Brandon's house and has a cookout and got the Guitar out. It probably was not recordable but it was fun.
Rachel is starting to read and Anne is telling everyone that she is sorry(???) and that Issac pulled her hair. Emma has been sick this week and Lindsey and I have been cleaning the laundry over and over and over again. Lindsey has just recently cut her hair and looks pretty cute.

The other day I was watching a video on CNN that I felt was really cool. 6/nc.santa.soldier.wxii I have been stressed out and this video really made me realize that my family is the most important thing. It helped me slow down and live each day as it comes.

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